Fiddle Music


George Butterworth

A Collection of Playford Tunes CM142

These 62 tunes come from the whole range of Playford publications of the ‘Dancing Master’.

Some are transposed, some are altered very slightly, and his version of the ‘Tithe Pig’ is quite a mystery! These are single line pieces suitable for any melody instrument, but particularly the violin. (19 pages of music)


download a specimen page here


Sheebeg and Sheemore CM012A

for violin and piano


[see also String Orchestra page]


A Carolan Suite for violin and piano CM078B

Carolan’s Air - Carolan’s Draught - Carolan’s Concerto - Carolan’s Dream

score and part £4.00

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John Clare

A Collection of Songs, Airs and Dances for the Violin (1818)

Book One (Northampton MS 12) CM100

tunes 1-83 (30 pages of music)


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John Clare

Songs, Airs and Dances for the violin

Book Two (Northampton MS 13) CM130

tunes 84-263 (60 pages of music)


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John Moore

Tunes and duets collected by a Shropshire fiddler, ‘Nursery Man and Seeds Man’

Book One

63 tunes and 3 duets (30 pages of music) - spiral bound with clear acetate covers


John Moore was born at Wellington, Shropshire on 18 August 1819, the son of a brick maker. Three volumes of his manuscripts survive. Two are classic fiddlers’ tune books, while the third, dated 11 April 1839, in which he describes himself as a ‘Nursery Man and Seeds Man’, contains mostly sacred music.

see our John Moore page for list of tunes in this volume and a specimen page


Tunes from the Beggar’s Opera CM009

violin part £5.00

score (with piano part realised from Pepusch’s bass parts)


set of score and part £10

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Tommie Potts

Four recently discovered Jigs CM129

see my blog for details of these fine jigs


The Dancing Master

Volume 3 CM004

200 tunes published by J Young c. 1726 (first modern edition?)


The Dancing Master, Volume 3 (c. 1726) is one of the last volumes to be published in the great series of dance books started by John Playford in 1651, continued by his son Henry and later still by John Young. This seems to be the first modern publication of one of Young's two extra volumes, all the rest being covered by Jeremy Barlow's edition of 1985.

It is possible that John Gay rifled through this volume to find some of the tunes for his ‘Beggar's Opera’ (Nos. 44, 77, 97 - this being the only source, 98, 102 and 170).

I consulted an original volume in making this edition.

Below is a preview of the first page of music:

sheet music for fiddle

sheet music for fiddle